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Rodgers Ranch Overview

The late Daniel Rodgers (1900-2001) left an endowment and his 177 acre ranch to the CUHS District in December of 2001. The interest earned from the endowment is used to fund a scholarship program for CUHS students. It is also used for buying, building and maintaining equipment and structures on the farm.


Some of the items that we have added to the ranch are; a new large multipurpose barn , new metal corrals, a permanent bathroom facility , a herd of registered Black Angus cattle, and a wetland area where we have constructed a wildlife pond.


Our science department is using parts of the ranch for students to do research. For example the Natural Resource classes have set up a Stream Discharge Station to measure the amount of water flowing through the creek and the Biology and Life Science classes have conducted their yearly oak tree project examining galls that grow on the oak trees